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Your Gym & Fitness Centre In The Heart Of The Kaipara District

About Us



Brian’s Gym & Fitness Centre Ltd


is run by husband and wife team Brian and Karen Froggatt.


Brian has 45 years of weight training experience. He is a hip disarticulation amputee, and has competed nationally and internationally in Powerlifting ( 2 World Champ Bench Press Gold Medals, and 2013 Commonwealth Bench press Champ & record holder), Track & Field events, Triathlons, Field Archery, and Distance Running (completed the New York City Marathon in 1985 & 1986 breaking the World Best time on each occasion). He has twice represented New Zealand at the Paralympics and has won Kaipara Sports Man of the Year Awards several times. Completed a Clinical Internship Level 2 in advanced program design and exercise modifications for common orthopaedic concerns with Paul Chek. His 172.5kg Bench Press was Ranked 2nd in NZ for the 83kg class in 2011.


Karen has 20 years experience of weight training.  She has won national & international titles in Powerlifting (a Gold medal at The World Bench Press Champs in 2006) and regional Bodybuilding contests and is a six times winner of the Kaipara Master Sports Person of the Year Award for Powerlifting (current holder), and Northland Master Sports Person of the Year. Karen is recovering from Tarlov Cyst Surgery in August 2011, and is back in training. In 2011 was ranked 2nd in the 52kg class in Powerlifting with a 330kg total & 2nd in the Bench Press with 85kg , also 1st in the 57kg class with a 80kg Bench Press in NZ Powerlifting Federation rankings.


Brian specializes in Rehabilitation work and strength training.


Karen runs the circuit classes and her forte is client motivation and weight loss advice.