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In 1972 as a result of an accident I received a head injury (coma, life support) which has left me with quadriplegia, although I have been able to overcome the problems to some degree. From the earliest stages of my recovery I have had to do exercises. At first these had to be done by therapists as I was unable.

As I progressed I got to the stage of being relatively self reliant but have noticed as soon as I stop exercising some of my earlier symptoms return. The Gym has been extremely good for me and as I get older Brian is able to prescribe specific exercises that target particular problems that develop. This is in addition to the fact that exercise does improve your state of mind and improve your mood, just ask my wife.

Keith Brightwell  



Tui Lowe’s Testimonial


Finally after 2 years of talking, my daughter convinced me to join the gym. But I was still not convinced that the gym could do anything for me.

Why I started at the gym:

    Never played sport or sports minded

    To get more mobility, more flexible

    Have always had a sore back

    Weak arms (can not lift above the head)

    Right shoulder weak, an incident 15 years later made me disuse it more

    To get fit

    Maybe lose some weight


Some problems occurred while weighing 132.8 Kg:

    Having problems sleeping at night

    Could not play with little ones

    Could not mow the lawns

    Could not walk around the block

    Couldn’t see my toes

    Couldn’t fit into my bath


Benefits from the gym 17 months later:

    Lots more mobility and flexibility

    Back stronger

    Arms could be raised above the head

    Shoulder 98% better and still improving every day

    100% fitter

    Lost weight, due to a little bit of dieting but mostly due to healthier eating

    Dropped down 2 sizes in clothes

    More self esteem and self motivation

    Am pleased to achieve more than I expected

    Enjoy and look forward to going to the gym


Problems that occurred when weighing in at 123.8 Kg are not a problem any more:

    Can sleep better

    I can chase the little ones

    I can mow my lawns

    Can now walk around the block

    Can now see my toes

    Can fit in my bath


I am now on a new program to build up some muscle and maintain my weight. I recommend the gym to all, doesn’t matter about age, gender, nationality or size.


‘I now take time to bend down and smell the flowers, something that was hard to do”


I am 52 years old

Tui Lowe

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My name is Craig Williams


I am 52 years old. During my working life I have had spinal surgery, four hernia operations and have damaged my right arm, shoulder and rib cage. I had become significantly overweight and did not believe I could be helped through gym work without it worsening my back condition and increasing my daily pain level.


I have been involved with the advertising for Brian’s Gym for about a year now. After visiting Brian’s Gym so many times on business, I could see good things happening to a wide range of people; so I decided to let Brian do an assessment on me. Brian listened well, took notes and assured me he could help me.


I signed up for 3 months.


He claimed I could realistically lose 12 kilos within this period. He was very honest at the time and told me it would be necessary for me to change my eating habits too, if I was to reach my goal.


I am pleased to report that under Brian’s guidance and careful monitoring, I have achieved my target weight in less than 3 months.


I have no doubt at all that Brian really knows what he is doing and has a much more in-depth knowledge of the human body than I first realised. Not only have I lost weight but have better posture, an increased range of movement, more energy and less pain.


My grateful thanks go to Brian and his staff.